Sunday, December 18, 2011

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A Frosty Morning

Jack Frost visited my garden last night. I was beginning to worry that he had forgotten all about me. It’s already mid-December and I haven’t seen any sign of him. Until now, that is.

Hoar frost on white pine

When I awoke this morning, the white pine in my back border looked as if it had been flocked like an indoor Christmas tree. In fact all of the evergreens had been touched with Jack's frosty brush.
Frost on Yukon Blue spruce

Frost on weeping white spruce

Jack didn't play favorites, though. Oh no. He spread his magic around the garden, from the tallest tree....

Frost on crabapple branches the perennials...
Frost on coneflower foliage

Frosty foliage

...and the grasses as well.
Frost on Prairie Dropseed foliage

But Jack's magic didn't last long.  By midday, the sun had melted all traces of his visit much to my dismay. Here’s hoping you come back soon, Jack. The garden is waiting.

By Karen Geisler


  1. I love your frosty images and I bet you would have guessed I would living here in the frost capital of the East. It is so much more to be appreciated elsewhere because it does not happen as frequently as it does all winter at the misty Falls. But you get your share of snow and cold wind! I used to attend the Housewares Show in Chicago in January, so I got a huge dose of your bitter season each year. I was only to Chicago once in summer, but my memories remind me it is a really nice place.

  2. How pretty! Please, please, please, send Father Frost our way! I left my perennials uncut and hope to see them with a sugary coating!
    Stay warm and have a lovely Christmas!

  3. Tatyana -- I'll be sure to send Father Frost your way the next time I see him! Hope you have a very merry Christmas!!!

  4. These pictures are wonderful, how charming can a lovely garden be, covered by snow on a cold sunny morning!