Sunday, February 10, 2013

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Snow, Glorious Snow

Snow-covered oaks near a picnic shelter

Snow. Great big white flakes of it tumbling to the ground. Steadily. And for hours at a time. When you’re still in or recovering from a drought, there’s no more glorious sight for a gardener.

The Chicago area finally had its first major snowstorm of the year last Thursday with accumulations up to 9” in some places. Yes, we’ve had some rain in the past month but much of that has run off the still-frozen ground. This snow, when it melts, should help the garden get ready for that early spring predicted by the groundhog. 

I know the snow accumulations we got are nowhere near those dumped on the Northeast during a blizzard this weekend. I'm hoping, though, that the impact follows a pattern similar to ours.
First day: Horrendous.
Snow in  wooded area
Second day: The snow actually starts to look pretty. Then the kids get out and start having lots of fun. Snowmen pop up everywhere. A large city park where teenagers were running cross country a few months ago becomes a major sledding hill – packed with people of all sizes and shapes.
Temperatures warmed up today and melted much of the snow, lessening its beauty somewhat. But before it did, I went for a walk in a wooded area near my home as well as the city park mentioned above. I needed to get some photographs just in case it takes another two years to get such a storm.
Here's hoping the Northeast gets back to normal soon.
By Karen Geisler
Kids climbing up a sledding hill
Chaos at the botom of a sledding hill

Waiting at the top of a sledding hill
Snowman with blue scarf and hat

Oak branches covered with snow

Snow on evergreens


  1. Very nice! We've had snow most of the winter, so I'm tired of it, even though I know it's fantastic for the plants and trees!!! It's just that I am starting to prefer rain now--which we got in abundance today! Yay!

    1. The only thing I don't like about rain this time of year is when it turns to ice. The roads here are still pretty icy, washboard style.

  2. Lovely pictures Karen...after the last 2 feet from the storm, we are at 12 feet of snow this winter so the drought has ended for us...oh and when we had a January thaw we had 3 inches of rain. But now we are getting freezing rain so I am done with winter and wishing for warmer temps soon.

  3. Beautiful snow, beautiful pictures. Let's hope this puts an end to the snow drought we were warned of!

  4. Karen, Like you, I hope the groundhog is right! By the way, I don't know if I have mentioned to you that I have traveled from way up here down to Chalet Nursery and thought it was an excellent place. Great plants. Jack

  5. Love the winking snowman. We got hit by the same storm here. There are 4 foot piles of snow on either side of the driveway. The day after the storm was positively gorgeous and sunny.

    1. Isn't that always the way? By the way, love the name of your blog!