Sunday, March 24, 2013

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Macy's Chicago Flower Show: The Painted Garden

Yellow orchids with Indian wall plate
One of the colorful displays at Macy's Flower Show in Chicago.

I haven't been to Macy's spring flower show in Chicago for a few years now. The last time I went, there were only a few displays on the first floor, much to my disappointment. Given this year's late spring, though, I decided to check out the current show, The Painted Garden, which debuted today. I was happy to see the show is back to its former glory up on the 9th floor.

Orchids and bromeliads are everywhere as are tulips, azaleas, palms and lots of tropical plants. So if you're looking for some inspiration for your perennial or native plants garden, this isn't the place for you. That said, it provided a much needed shot of color on a cold, windy and gray Sunday afternoon.

Visitors are met by a large elephant decked out in brightly colored blooms. A path to either side then meanders around a white square central fountain. Scenes include a home's front door, a marketplace and several plazas. Flowers are in bold colors -- yellow, orange, pink and purple -- and the backdrops, all with Indian architectural elements, are painted in deep hues.

The show continues through Sunday, April 7 at Macy's State Street location during regular store hours. A complete plant list is in the show's brochure. Admission is free.

Spiral, peacock and Taj Mahal
A photo of the Taj Mahal provides a nice backdrop for this spiral and peacock.
Palm tree in elephant pot
This potted palm is just one of many in the show.

Orange couch with aqua colored nettng
I want this one in my back yard.
Hanging baskets of colorful flowers
A marketplace scene includes baskets of colorful flowers.

White fountain with flowers
The central fountain is surrounded with flowers and foliage.
Elephant statue with flowers
This elephant at the entrance is a popular spot for photos.
By Karen Geisler


  1. Nice! And your photos are top-notch. What kind of camera did you use for this post? So colorful, and the composition for each photo is perfect!

  2. Very different displays and I agree the pictures are gorgeous!!