Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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The Illinois Orchid Society Show

White and pink striped orchid
Phalaenopsis Taida King's Caroline

It's said there are more species of orchid than any other plant on Earth, with the possible exception of asters.

After attending "Spring Into Orchids," the Illinois Orchid Society show at the Chicago Botanic Garden this past weekend, I'd have to agree.

There were all colors, shapes and sizes -- everything from the more traditional Phalaenopsis and Cattleya orchids to lady slippers and pansy varieties. There was even one with a fuzzy white flower unlike anything I'd ever seen before -- a Rhyncolaelia.

I dearly love orchids, the way they provide a burst of color in late winter/early spring, just before the tulips and daffodils start coming into their own. Unfortunately, orchids don't seem to do well in my house. It may have something to do with my light exposure or getting the temperatures low enough to set the buds. I'm not sure.

So I usually go to this sale every year and buy an orchid, assuming it will be a sort of long-lasting cut flower. Who knows? One of these days I may actually get one to survive and even rebloom.  I'll definitely keep trying!

As you can probably tell from the photos below, I also love to take pictures of orchids so I can remember their beauty throughout the year. I hope you enjoy them.

Yellow orchids with rose centers
Doritaenopsis Sin-Yaun Golden Beauty

White star orchid wth rose center
Laelia purpurata

Purple orchid with lace texture
Vanda Sansai Blue 'Acker's Price'

Pink orchid with pansy face
A pansy orchid, Miltoniopsis Pearl Ono
Pink orchid
Phagmipedium Suzanna Decker

White orchids with pink splatters
Phalaenopsis Winter Carnival Carousel

Pink orchid against paper screen
Cattleya Blc Triumphal Coronation 'Seven Star'

Orange-yellow orchid
Phalaenopsis Baldan's Kaleidescope 'Golden Treasure'

White orchid with pink edges
Iwanagara Appleblossom

Bronze striped lady slipper orchid
Paphiopedilum kolopakingii

White orchid with fuzzy center
The strangest orchid at the show, Rhyncolaelia

By Karen Geisler

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  1. Your orchid photos are not only beautiful but also very instructive! You can really see what they are with no distractions!